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ABC Finally Back Paying Underpaid Staff

ABC finally back paying underpaid staff

The ABC says from next month it will begin back paying almost 2000 current and former staff who were underpaid.

The public broadcaster commenced a review of more than 2,500 employees in January after the underpayments were first discovered.

Casuals paid ‘flat rate’

The affected workers were employed as casuals and were paid a flat rate – which meant they didn’t receive overtime and penalty rates based on the hours that they worked.

The flat rate left many worse off.

After its review of six years of pay records, today the ABC confirmed that 1,886 employees were underpaid.

Broadcaster budgeted for back pay

According to the ABC’s annual report, $22.98 million has been set aside for ‘provision for wages and superannuation entitlements’ that are owed.

A spokesperson said:

“We won’t know the accumulated total until the Fair Work process is finalised, but we expect the figure will be less than the amount estimated in the annual report.”

The ABC is just one of a growing list of employers who have systematically underpaid their workers, including Woolworths, Bunnings and Michael Hill Jewellers.

Six year limit on claims

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan, from Industrial Relations Claims, said the ABC could have been ripping off their staff for much longer

“The time limit to make a claim for unpaid wages is six years, and the ABC has only checked their records going back six years,” he said.

“It is quite possible, and probably likely, that these payroll errors have been happening for decades, meaning hard working employees have been short changed

“There is no excuse for an employer to make their staff their proper wages and entitlements.”


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