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What is Industrial Advocacy?

A wise soul once said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”.

Self-representation is a dangerous game, even when dealing with workplace issues – and that’s where Industrial Relations Claims can help you.

We represent employers, employees and contractors in a wide range of industrial matters, including unfair and unlawful dismissal, sexual harassment, discrimination and unpaid wages.  We are also specialists in workplace investigations, managing difficult employees and negotiating contracts.

Whether you are a worker or a boss, we can represent you and advocate for you in a range of settings, including workplace disciplinary meetings, or in conciliation or formal hearings held in the Fair Work Commission, the Industrial Relations Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Anti-Discrimination Commission and various Civil and Administrative Tribunals.

We also have vast experience advocating for our clients in the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court.

Decisions to litigate, and how to litigate, can be difficult and stressful, but our team can advise you of your best options and guide you through the process to achieve the outcome that you want.

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To learn more about our areas of expertise, please click on the following links:

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  2. Unfair dismissals
  3. Unlawful dismissals
  4. Adverse actions (General Protections Claims)
  5. Unpaid wages
  6. Unpaid superannuation
  7. Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

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