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Unpaid wages and entitlements happen when your employer fails to pay you the minimum monetary amount or the allowances that are set out in the modern award or agreement that you work under.

This can include not being paid the minimum hourly rate, or overtime, or travel or meal or uniform allowances, or not being given annual leave or long service leave.

In most cases, your rate of pay depends on the award that applies to your industry, but no one in Australia should be paid less than the current minimum wage of $694.90 a week, or $18.29 an hour for a 38-hour week.

There are many ways employers steal wages and entitlements from their employees.

They include:

  • paying less than the minimum hourly rate
  • failure to pay penalty rates, overtime and allowances
  • taking inappropriate deductions from wages
  • refusing to allow leave
  • demanding wages be paid back in “cash-back” schemes
  • paying employees in cash “off the books”
  • unpaid work experience or internships

If you believe you are not being paid your correct wages or entitlements, there is help available.

Please call Industrial Relations Claims on

1300 853 837


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