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AMP Executive Speaks Out About Being Subjected To Sexual Harassment

AMP executive speaks out about being subjected to sexual harassment

An AMP executive has spoken about being subjected to sexual harassment by her boss.

AMP described her complaint as “low level” because it only referred to comments and language used by her supervisor.

However, the woman says the sexual harassment left her traumatised and ended her career early.

The financial services company is under fire for mishandling a series of harassment complaints involving senior managers.

As a result, company chairman David Murray today resigned. 

AMP executive speaks out about sexual harassment

Julia Szlakowski worked as a Capital Institutional director for AMP.

She says the harassment started in 2016 when her boss Boe Pahari started criticising her for leaving work functions too early.

He also asked her to tell him the age of the oldest man she had ever dated.



London trip

In 2017, Pahari insisted Szlakowski fly from the US where she was based, to attend a meeting in London.

During the trip, Pahari separated Szlakowski from a team dinner and took her to an exclusive members-only club.

Although she didn’t want to go, Szlakowski felt she had no option because she feared the impact it could have on her career.

“It is very problematic, and perhaps prohibitive, to tell a man who the keys to your future, ‘no’.”

That night, Pahari allegedly told her to withdraw cash using his credit card to buy clothes she could wear to another dinner.

He allegedly told her that a refusal would be as humiliating as being told he had a “limp dick”.

Pahari followed Szlakowski to her hotel lobby when he told her to extend her stay in London.

When she declined, he went to the hotel front desk and extended her booking.

He then allegedly told her:

“You know Julia, no one at AMP needs to know about this”.

Pahari subsequently continued to call and text Szlakowski until 3.30am.

Szlakowski flew back to America the following day and filed a complaint with AMP in June 2017.

She resigned in March 2018.

Boe Pahari – AMP Capital boss.

AMP conducts investigation

AMP insists it conducted an investigation into the allegations as a result of the complaint.

However, it concluded that many of the claims were not substantiated.

But the company did subsequently impose a financial penalty on Pahari for code of conduct breaches.

This involved a 25 percent reduction in his bonus, which amounted to $500,000.

Chairman resigns

As a result of a complaints about how AMP handled a number of sexual harassment allegations, company chairman David Murray resigned today.

Pahari, who had recently been appointed head of AMP Capital, is also stepping down from that role, effective immediately.

However he will continue working for the company at his previous level.

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