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Australia Post Asks Staff To Volunteer To Deliver Mail As Bosses Get Bonuses

Australia Post asks staff to volunteer to deliver mail as bosses get bonuses

Australia Post has come under fire for asking its staff to volunteer to help clear a backlog of parcels.

Meanwhile, CEO Christine Holgate hasn’t ruled out paying $7 million in bonuses to the organisation’s top executives.

Australia Post asks staff to volunteer

Deliveries general manager Rod Barnes sent an email to Victorian staff on Monday asking for “urgent” help, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The national mail service has been hit with unprecedented demand because of a surge in online shopping by customers in lockdown.

The email asks volunteers to use their own cars to repeatedly carry and lift up to 16kg of mail and parcels during the day.

“The work will involve minimal contact with others and you will be provided with personal protective equipment and training to ensure you are as safe and prepared to help your frontline teammates and our customers.”

A spokesperson for Australia Post says it is doing everything it can to deliver mail while its workforce is reduced.

The service will reimburse staff for the use of their cars and those who volunteer on the weekend will receive time off in lieu.




Executive bonuses

Meanwhile, Australia Post’s CEO Christine Holgate has walked-back an earlier commitment that executives will forgo personal bonuses as a result of the recession.

The service recorded a 7 percent jump in revenue and a before tax profit of $53.6 million.

Holgate told the ABC that her executive team may end up with their bonuses after all. 

“It’s pretty black and white … the [executive team] has led our business through one of the most challenging periods … and yet they’ve still delivered a fantastic result.

“I’m very proud of them. Whether they get paid a bonus of not, the board can decide.”

Holgate, who took home $2.5 million last year as the nation’s highest earning civil servant, is said to be in line for a $1 million-plus bonus.

Other executives could take home up to $600,000.

Christine Holgate – Australia Post CEO.

Bonuses ‘preposterous’

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan described the proposed bonuses as “preposterous”.

“The country is in a major recession with millions of people out of work,” he said.  

“Australia Post is only delivering mail every second day and is asking staff to volunteer to keep the service going.

“Yet for some reason, Ms Holgate reckons she deserves an extra million on top of her already exorbitant $2.5 million salary!

“How tone-deaf and how greedy can someone be?”



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