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Bakery Workers Claim They Were Bullied After Getting Injured On The Job

Bakery workers claim they were bullied after getting injured on the job

Bakery workers at a Melbourne factory claim they were bullied by management after getting injured on the job.

The factory makes bread for Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

The National Union of Workers is suing Davies Bakery in the Federal Court for allegedly mistreating the workers.

The union is seeking compensation for their members, and penalties for the company for breaking workplace laws.

Injured worker discouraged from having surgery

Factory worker Nahid Poureisha dislocated her shoulder when a step ladder slipped out from under her in 2015.  

She claims management discouraged her from taking time off to have surgery.

For example, they allegedly told her it will take a year for the insurance company to pay up.

Additionally, management allegedly asked her if she knew how much she had “cost the company” as a result of calling WorkSafe following an incident.

The incident involved a colleague falling into a machine and subsequently hospitalised.

Poureisa says management targeted her with a campaign of bullying and harassment as a result of asking to be the factory’s ‘ health and safety representative.

According to court documents, the mental stress became too much and, on doctor’s advice, she quit.

Employee accused of faking medical certificate

Meanwhile, another former employee, Leo Ghasabeh, injured his wrist and knee after slipping on crumbs on the factory floor.

He claims his managers accused him of faking a medical certificate from his GP which recommended he take time off work to recover.

Worker removed from roster after back injury

Furthermore, Mansoor, another worker, claims management failed to tell him he could access workers compensation after a workplace injury.

He damaged three disks in his back after doing repetitive lifting tasks.

As a result of the injury, management removed from the roster.

He claims he is now thousands of dollars out of pocket for his own treatment.

Management denies allegations

However, Davies Bakery denies all allegations that it mistreated its workers.

“To Davies Bakery, our staff members are our most important asset and any issues raised by them or their representatives have always been taken seriously,” Managing Director Matthew Davies told Fairfax.



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