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Casual Workers Will Miss Out On JobKeeper Payments

Casual workers will miss out on JobKeeper payments

Casual workers will miss out on the JobKeeper payment if they haven’t worked for an employer for more than 12-months.

Attorney-General Christian Porter ruled out the payments today, rejecting calls from the ACTU.

One million casual workers will miss out on payments

JobKeeper is a $1,500 wage subsidy for businesses to pass on to each worker fortnightly for the next six months.

Today’s decision affects more than one million casual workers who do not have a one-year tie to their employer.

They will miss out on the wage subsidy and will instead have to apply for the $1,100 JobSeeker allowance instead.

Porter ruled out relaxing the 12-month requirement, describing the ACTU’s proposal as “too broad”.

“There has to be a line drawn,” he said.

Artists, musicians, teachers and builders set to miss out

Labor’s industrial relations spokesperson Tony Burke said the decision will affect casuals in many industries, including:

  • construction;
  • independent education; and
  • artists and musicians.

Burke also noted young people doing a job for pocket money once a week can receive the subsidy.

However, casuals working five days a week who rely on their income will miss out.

Legislation to be debated this week

Parliament will debate the legislation on Wednesday, as bureaucrats scramble to write the legislation.

The Morrison government wants to change the Fair Work Act to enable the temporary measures, but Labor and the unions fear some bosses will rort the system.

To be eligible, a company’s turnover must have fallen by at least 30 percent because of the pandemic.

Businesses with annual turnovers of more than $1 billion must have suffered a 50 percent fall, while charities will only need to have suffered a 15 percent hit.


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