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Changes Coming To JobKeeper And JobSeeker – Will You Lose Out?

Changes coming to JobKeeper and JobSeeker – will you lose out?

Changes are coming to both JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments this week, with many Australians expected to lose out.

Full-time and part-time workers will receive different amounts under a revised JobKeeper wage subsidy.

And those currently on JobSeeker can expect to receive less, although it will not be as low as the previous rate of $40 a day.

Changes coming to JobKeeper and JobSeeker

The government has maintained the wage subsidy and the increased unemployment benefit will end in September.

However, with the coronavirus crisis continuing to impact the economy, it has now conceded financial support is needed beyond then.

The Prime Minister and Treasurer have flagged JobKeeper will be more targeted at industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

For example, tourism and hospitality.

Scott Morrision said:

“There are parts of the economy for whom the turnover will continue to be down because of the COVID-19 pandemic and because of the restrictions that have been put in place on the economy.

“They will need continued support, and they will get continued support.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will reveal the details of the continuing support during a major economic statement on Thursday.

He will not confirm what rate the JobKeeper figure will move to, however, he said businesses will need to prove revenue decline.

It’s believed the government is considering a sliding scale of payments, depending on whether workers are full-time or part-time.

Cuts to JobSeeker risks poverty

With the effective unemployment rate at more than 11 percent, the government will not cut JobSeeker to the pre-pandemic amount of $560 a fortnight.

The Australia Institute warns if the benefit reverts to the old rate, 650,000 people will be pushed into poverty, including 120,000 children.


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