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Crust Pizza Facing Court For Ignoring Order To Back Pay Workers

Crust Pizza facing court for ignoring order to back pay workers

A Crust Pizza outlet is facing court action for allegedly ignoring an order to back pay workers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on businesses that fail to comply with Compliance Notices.

Crust Pizza facing court for ignoring Compliance Notice

1 TWO KA 4 CP Pty Ltd, which operates the Crust Pizza outlet in North Paramatta in Sydney is facing court.

In addition, company directors and shareholders Vipul Janisari and Dhruvin Patel are also facing court.

The company is accused of failing to comply with a Compliance Notice requiring it to calculate and back-pay wages to employees.

Investigation commenced following complaints from workers

Fair Work commenced an investigation into the store after receiving complaints from workers.

Following the investigation, inspectors issued the company with the Compliance Notice.

They believed that employees at the store were being underpaid minimum wages.

Furthermore, they believed casual loadings, a clothing allowance, a transport allowance, overtime rates were not being paid.

In addition to penalty rates for public holiday and evening work.


Criminal penalties 

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from IR Claims said too many companies are making a mockery of workplace laws.

“This business is accused of stealing wages, and when given an order to rectify it, they ignore it,” he said.

“This is yet another example illustrating the need for much tougher penalties for wage theft.

“Employers who deliberately or recklessly underpay their staff need to face criminal penalties and jail sentences.”

Compliance Notices are an important tool

Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker stands by the use of Compliance Notices to recover unpaid wages.

Even though there is a high rate of non-compliance.

“Inspectors can issue a Compliance Notice if they form a belief that an employer has breached certain workplace laws,” she said.

“Where employers do not comply with our notices, a court can order them to pay penalties in addition to back-paying any affected employees.”

Fair Work is seeking penalties and back pay

Fair Work is seeking penalties against 1 TWO KA 4 CP Pty Ltd, Mr Janisari and Mr Patel.

The company faces a maximum penalty of $31,500, while Janisari and Patel each face a maximum penalty of $6,300.

The regulator is also seeking orders requiring the company to back-pay outstanding wages and superannuation plus interest.

The Federal Circuit Court in Sydney has a directions hearing listed for the 6th of February.


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