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Liberal Senator Fails To Mention Penalty Rate Cuts In Dumb Tweet

Liberal senator fails to mention penalty rate cuts in dumb tweet

Liberal senator Zed Seselja failed to mention impending penalty rate cuts in a tone-deaf tweet he posted this morning showing him and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull having coffee in a Canberra cafe.

The senator for the ACT and Assistant Minister for Science Jobs and Innovation copped widespread criticism for talking up the government’s tax cut but not mentioning the impact penalty rate cuts will have on workers.

Cafe staff worse off

Senator Seselja’s Tweet reads:

“Having coffee this morning with hard working Canberrans who will benefit from our personal income tax relief!”

But as many twitter users pointed out, what the senator failed to mention is his post is that the tax cut will leave many Australians just $10 a week better off, and that from next week, staff at that Canberra cafe are set to have their Sunday penalty rates slashed.

In fact, all full-time and part-time hospitality workers will have their Sunday penalty rates reduced by 10 per cent from July 1, following a five per cent cut last year.

Workers will be up to 15 per cent worse off

Also set for a 10 per cent cut to their Sunday penalty rates from July 1 are workers in the fast food industry, while workers in the retail and pharmacy sectors will see a 15 per cent reduction in their penalty rates.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has vowed to introduce legislation this week to try and stop the cuts from coming into effect.

Miles Heffernan, Director of Litigation at Industrial Relations Claims, said it was a poor choice of venue for Seselja and the Prime Minister to try and sell their tax cuts.

“Why would go to a cafe where workers are about to have their penalty rates cut to promote a policy that will see most Aussies just $10 a week better off,” he said.

“The social media post only goes to reinforce what many people already think, that our well-paid politicians are out of touch with everyday Australians, and the concept of a fair go.”


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