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Minimum Wage Increases By 2.5 Percent Today For Most Workers

Minimum wage increases by 2.5 percent today for most workers

The minimum wage increases by 2.5 percent from today for most workers.

Employment law experts are reminding employees to check their pay slips, and employers to check their payroll systems.

Minimum wage increases today

The Fair Work Commission recently announced the 2.5 percent increase, which works out to $18.80 for those on the minimum wage.

As a result, the new weekly national minimum wage is $772.60, or $20.33 an hour.

Workers in industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic will have to wait for the pay rise, however.

For example, those who work in tourism, fitness and aviation will not receive the rise until 1 November 2021.

Additionally, those in retail will have to wait until 1 September.

Employment lawyer Stephen Dryley-Collins from IR Claims urged workers to check if their pay rise is delayed.

“If you are an award covered employee, any changes  to your pay rate may be delayed past the 1st of July,” he said.

“So, you need to confirm when you will see those changes, and when you know that date, make sure they happen.”


Check pay slips and payroll systems

Mr Dryley-Collins also urged employees to check their next pay slip.

He also reminded employers to check their payroll systems to ensure they comply with workplace laws.

“The message to employers is to check that you’ve updated your systems, and you’ve checked the formulas for how you calculate payroll,” he said.

“That way, you’ll ensure that none of your employees are being underpaid on either the minimum wage or superannuation guarantee.”

Workers who are not being paid their lawful wages should contact an employment law professional, according to Mr Dryley-Collins.

“If you are not being paid your proper wages and entitlements, you should be seeking urgent expert advice to find out how much you’ve been underpaid, and how to pursue a claim to get that money back,” he said.


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