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Brisbane Courier Driver Sacked After Cancer Scare

Brisbane courier driver sacked after cancer scare

A Brisbane courier driver claims his employer unfairly dismissed him after disclosing he might have cancer.

As a result, IR Claims filed a general protections dismissal claim in the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland on behalf of the worker.

Brisbane courier driver sacked after cancer scare

*Tony worked as a courier driver for a dry cleaning business.

He turned 50 while on annual leave, and received a bowel cancer screening test in the mail.

The result came back indicating possible cancer.

Tony requested an extra week of annual leave to deal with his health situation.

While on leave, Tony received a call from the owner of the company who told him:

“We’re going to have to terminate you because you’ve become unreliable because of your cancer.”

When Tony questioned why, the boss replied:

“It’s because you have cancer, and you told everyone that you’re not coming back.”

Tony strenuously denies telling any of his workmates about his health scare.

He told his boss the dismissal was unfair, to which his boss allegedly replied, “Call it what you want, it doesn’t matter, you’re not coming back.”

‘Low dog act’

IR Claims is fighting Tony’s case, arguing the employer breached a general protections provision involving dismissal.

Specifically, by firing Tony while on approved leave, in addition to discriminating against him because of a medical condition.

“This is an outrageous breach of this worker’s rights,” Miles Heffernan, IR Claims Litigation Director, said.

“An employer cannot fire an employee who is exercising a protected workplace right, like taking annual leave or sick leave.

“It’s also a pretty low dog act to sack someone who thinks that they might have cancer.”

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