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Safe Work Australia Provides Tips To Make Your Workplace COVID-19 Safe

Safe Work Australia provides tips to make your workplace COVID-19 safe

Safe Work Australia has posted a list of tips to help employers make their workplace COVID-19 safe.

Arrangements will change in many workplaces as the federal government eases restrictions and encourages people to return to work.

For example, workers will need to get used to staggered shifts, no more hot desks or kitchen biscuit tins.

The tips are detailed on an information sheet available on the Safe Work website.

Many are common sense.

Social distancing

For example, employers are advised to display posters reminding people to keep 1.5 metres apart.

This includes posters outside lifts reminding people about maximum safe numbers.

Work stations, desks and tables in staff rooms will be placed further apart to ensure social distancing.

Additionally, employers should instruct staff to have meetings on the phone or online, instead of face-to-face.

If possible, stagger shifts to reduce the number of staff in the workplace.

As a result, this will also reduce the number of people travelling on public transport at the same time.

Limit the number of customers you allow in your store at any one time.

Hand washing and hygiene

Install dispensers with hand sanitiser, especially at entry and exit points of the business.

Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand wash and paper towel.

Put up posters with instructions on how to effectively wash hands, and remind staff not to touch their face.

And remind staff about the importance of staying home if they are sick.

If possible only accept cashless transactions and encourage customers to only touch objects they are going to buy.

Finally, remind workers to not shake hands, and to not touch anything unnecessarily.


Hot desks are to be avoided if possible, however, any shared workspaces must be cleaned regularly.

Clean frequently touched areas several times a day with detergent or disinfectant.

For example:

  • Eftpos equipment,
  • elevator buttons,
  • handrails,
  • tables,
  • counter tops,
  • door knobs,
  • sinks and keyboards.

Instruct staff who clean to wear gloves, and thoroughly clean their hands with sanitiser when they finish.

Finally, instruct workers to clean personal property that comes to work with disinfectant, such as disinfectant wipes.

For example:

  • sunglasses,
  • mobile phones
  • and iPads.



South Korean office coronavirus spread

A graph recently released of a South Korean call centre shows how quickly the virus can spread in an office.

The blue spaces show where people became infected – most of them were in line with the building’s air conditioning flow.

The blue spaces show where workers contracted coronavirus.


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