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Telstra Offers Paid Leave For Workers Affected By Coronavirus

Telstra offers paid leave for workers affected by coronavirus

Telstra is offering paid leave for workers affected by coronavirus.

Employees forced into isolation because of the outbreak will be given 14 days’ paid leave.

Additionally, those required to care for children affected by school or childcare centre closures will also be eligible for paid leave.

Telstra offers paid leave for workers

More than 90 percent of Telstra’s 29,000 workers can work from home.

Management says it will ensure remaining employees can access up to two weeks’ paid leave if affected by coronavirus.

Technicians in the field and also store and contact centre employees will benefit from the policy.

Casuals will also have access to leave

Permanent Telstra employees receive 15 days’ sick or carer’s leave annually.

Under the policy, the leave balances of affected employees will be topped up if required.

Affected casuals will get access to up to 14 days’ leave paid at their base rate, however, it won’t include a casual loading.

Furthermore, casuals rostered to work will be paid if stores close.

A Telstra spokesperson said:

“This is an unprecedented situation.

“One that requires us to step up, be there for our people and give those who need it most the support and reassurance to get through this difficult time.”

Union calls on government to pay for leave

The ACTU wants the government to fund two weeks’ paid leave for all workers directly impacted by the coronavirus, including:

  • all permanent;
  • casual; and
  • contract workers affected by the outbreak, including employees forced into isolation and workers impacted by company closures or downturns.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus warns workers forced to choose between going to work sick or being able to pay bills and feed their families will choose work:

“…then we are creating a disaster scenario for public health”.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan welcomed Telstra’s decision to fund leave for its workforce.

“Workers forced to choose between going to work sick, or not being able to pay the rent or bills, will always choose to work,” he said.


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