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Guardian Journalist Claims He Has Not Been Paid For More Than Five Weeks

Guardian journalist claims he has not been paid for more than five weeks

A The Guardian journalist claims the media organisation has failed to pay him for more than five weeks.

Russell Jackson took to social media describing the situation as “depressing”.

Jackson, previously the deputy sports editor at The Guardian Australia, argues he should not have to post on social media to be paid.

For instance, the journalist claims he is owed payment for five articles written in January.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Very sorry to say I won’t be writing for The Guardian in the future.

“I made a lot of good friends there, and many people there do great work, but I’ve spent five weeks chasing them to be paid for my work & got nothing.

“Journalists need to stand up for themselves with this stuff.”

Journalist says media organisations owe him $25,000

Jackson claims several media organisations owe him $25,000.

Furthermore, he says he worked on staff at The Guardian for five years prior to submitting the freelance articles.

“They have my bank details,’’ he tweeted.

Adding, “Most freelancers can’t afford to burn bridges by publicly airing this stuff, but I think if you have firm principles you need to stick by them.”

The Guardian promises to address payments immediately

However, The Guardian has committed to addressing the problem.

Australian editor Lenore Taylor claimed to be unaware of the issue.

“It is unacceptable and I will make sure our processes are fixed,’’ she said in a tweet.

Adding, “I do hope you will work for us again some day because you are a fine writer.”

Furthermore, Taylor said she would “find out what has gone wrong with our normal payment processes”.

The Guardian Australia has extensively covered issues of wage theft in Australia.

No excuse for wage theft

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from IR Claims said there is no excuse for wage theft.

“Supermarkets. celebrity chefs and media organisations do not have any excuse for not paying their staff properly,” he said.

“Furthermore, paying someone for work they do is not difficult, and it’s time businesses pull their finger out to ensure they are doing the right thing.”


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