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The Next Coronavirus Crisis – We’re Going To Run Out Of Beer!

The next coronavirus crisis – we’re going to run out of beer!

The next coronavirus crisis to hit our nation might be no more beer, according to a report in ‘The Australian’.

The nation’s largest brewer warns if the Victorian government considers it a “non-essential service”, the country will run out of beer in three months.

In addition, thousands of jobs in the multi-billion dollar brewing sector will be lost.

The next coronavirus crisis shouldn’t be a country with no beer

Carlton and United Breweries major brewery site is in Abbotsford in Melbourne.

It is ramping up production expecting its operations will be soon disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

But, as production increases, so do sales.

According to a CUB spokesperson, sales volumes have rocketed in the past few days, leaving stock dangerously low and in danger of complete depletion.

The brewery wants the government to class its business as “essential” so it can keep operating.

CUB believes Australians need some “normality” in their lives in these times of turmoil and crisis – and that includes a glass of cold beer.

Beer will run out in months

The spokesperson told The Australian that many parts of the country will run out of beer in months unless breweries can keep operating through lockdowns enforced by state or federal governments.

“Carlton & United Breweries, Australia’s largest brewer, is greatly concerned about no beer being available in Australia for at least three months if beer is not given exempt status, and what this would mean for tens of thousands of jobs.

“In these incredibly uncertain times people need some normality in their lives.

“They need to be able to access beer and other liquor at bottle shops.

“You can’t turn major breweries off and then quickly turn them back on.

“After re-opening there could be three months of no beer for pubs and bottle shops.

“The UK and other countries have kept retail and takeaway alcohol.

“We urge Australian Governments to do the same.’’

Most liquor sold through supermarkets

Beer and alcohol is sold almost exclusively by the major supermarket chains.

Therefore, shutting down supply is “nonsensical” according to CUB. 

The spokesperson said:

“Most liquor is sold through Coles and Woolworths companies.

“The liquor stores are usually adjacent to or in the same shopping precinct as the supermarkets, and use the same delivery providers.

“The breweries operate under strict Health and Safety rules.”

Retailers report alcohol panic buying

Leading liquor retailers including Dan Murphy’s, owned by Woolworths, and Liquorland, owned by Coles, have reported huge spikes in the sales of wines, beers and spirits.

Consumers are panic buying alcoholic beverages, along with their toilet paper, pasta, and meat.


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