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New Wage Theft Check Service To Help Workers Recover Money

New Wage Theft Check service to help workers recover money

Workers who believe they have been ripped off by their boss will be able to check with a new service called WAGE THEFT CHECK which was launched today by, a division of Industrial Relations Claims.

For $299, the team at will access a worker’s pay records, and calculate any underpayments, whether they involve hourly rates, overtime, penalty rates, allowances, loadings or superannuation.

The worker will then be provided with a report detailing the exact amount of money they are owed, and advice on how they can go about recovering it.

“We are really proud to offer this new service to workers,” Miles Heffernan from said today.

“It’s outrageous that so many bosses think that it’s okay to steal money from their workers, but hopefully this is a way we can help those workers find out what they are owed so they can then go about getting their money back.”

Wage theft rife in many industries

Wage theft is rife in many industries, including retail, hospitality and fast food, where its estimated that one in two workers are not being paid their proper wage.

“We also see wage theft in the medical, child care and hair and beauty sectors, and it is also very common with apprentices,” Mr Heffernan said.

“We have helped recover $1.8 million for our clients in the past two years, and it is our hope that with the new Wage Theft Check service, we will be able to help even more workers find out if they’re owed money.”

Employees warned not to do their own calculations

Mr Heffernan warned employees not to calculate their own underpayments, because they might not be aware of the intricacies of the award that they work under, and could end up missing out on money that is rightfully owed to them.

“Our team of expert analysts have a comprehensive understanding of modern awards, so we know how to find every last cent that you are owed, whether it’s penalty rates, overtime, special shift allowances or loadings, and of course superannuation,” he said.

Miles Heffernan giving evidence at the recent wage theft inquiry.

Mr Heffernan recently gave evidence at the wage theft inquiry being conducted by the Queensland government where he argued for a quicker and easier way for workers to recover stolen wages.

“While we can’t eradicate the scourge of wage theft just yet, we want to do all we can to make it easier for workers to find out if they’re owed wages, and create a more efficient way for them to recover that money, and our new Wage Theft Check is all part of that,” he said.


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