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Defending an unfair dismissal can be done cost effectively without the need for “go away” money.

Compliance with modern awards and the Fair Work Act can be confusing.  Let our team advise you of your rights and responsibilities to ensure you are compliant with workplace laws.

Don’t put off managing an under performing employee.  Let our team of specialists help you improve the performance of your staff or manage a smooth exit from your business for a difficult worker without the risk of a costly and time consuming unfair dismissal claim.

Allegations of serious misconduct, sexual harassment or discrimination will require a workplace investigation.  To reduce the risk of expensive and time consuming dismissal claims, let our team of experts conduct a professional independent investigation on your behalf, and provide you with a report and advice on what action to take.
The best protection for your business from expensive harassment and discrimination claims is prevention – and the best way to prevent claims is to have proper policies in place and regular training for your staff.  Industrial Relations Claims offers professional training for employees, managers and executives.

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Client Testimonials

I didn't know much about how I could challenge a new boss coming in and treating me like dirt after years of service. If you are in the same situation, just get these guys, sooner the better.

White collar client, mining Industry

Recently, I had the need to engage the services of Miles Heffernan, Director of

Employee Litigation at Fair Work Claims to provide advice and represent me in an

Unfair Dismissal Claim.

Having had no prior dealings with legal matters or court proceedings, my partner and

I were extremely stressed, lacked confidence and were quite intimidated at the

thought of fighting for my rights against my employer, a large National Security

Company. From our first meeting with Miles, where he listened to us and gathered the

basics of my situation/ordeal, he instilled in me/us a belief that I was important, my

case was important and my professional future was something worth safeguarding.

Miles was a pleasure to work with as he pursued my case, from the initial

proceedings, to mediation and through to the Fair Work Commission for arbitration

and a favourable outcome. His ability, skill and knowledge of Fair Work Legislation

& Regulations and the application of them, allowed him to argue my case whilst

remaining calm when pressured by our opposition, but we’d grown to expect that

level of expertise and professionalism from him. It was however, on a personal level

that we were extremely grateful to Miles. He always explained each issue and/or

process in simple terms and always respected, included & considered not only my

opinion/input but that of my partner as well, who he openly treated equally. We were

always kept up to date with the case, as it progressed over some considerable time. He

was always open & honest with us regarding issues & potential outcomes and if he

was busy with other cases, he always got his assistant to call us if he couldn’t. Despite

knowing that a win would be professionally satisfying for Miles and his Company,

Miles always ensured that the priority was that my principles were what we were

arguing for, not compensation and not vengeance.

I most pleasing aspect of working with Miles was his genuine love of the work he

does, the people he does it for and the pride he takes in fighting for "the little guy".

It is based on the above that we take pleasure in strongly recommending Miles

Heffernan & Fair Work Claims to anyone needing advice &/or representation in

relation to Workplace Issues.

Vanessa O’Brian & Rachel Armstrong
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