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12 Coronavirus Workplace Rights Questions Answered | Explainer

We are being swamped with calls from Australian workers who want to know about their workplace rights during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Employment Lawyer Charlotte Campbell from Fair Work Employment Lawyers answers 12 common questions about workers rights during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Can I Be Sacked For Coronavirus? | Explainer

Workers are claiming to have been sacked after contracting the coronavirus COVID-19.  Employment Lawyer Charlotte Campbell says it is unlawful to be dismissed from employment while you are sick.  Watch this video to find out your workplace rights as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Scott Morrison Abandons LGBTIQ School Kids | News

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – ScoMo – has delayed removing discrimination exemptions that allow faith-based schools to expel LGBTIQ students because of their sexuality.

The Truth About The Religious Discrimination Bill | Explainer

The Australian government is proposing a new religious discrimination law which priorities and privileges the rights of people of faith over and above everyone else.  Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains how the bill is a licence to hate, humiliate and ridicule single mothers, LGBTIQ people, and people with disabilities.

TV Anchor Quits Live On Air Over Harassment | News

Veteran broadcaster Chris Matthews “retired” live on air at the start of his ‘Hardball’ program.  Despite his claim, many believe he was forced out by MSNBC management following a number of scandals, including inappropriate comments to women and allegations of sexual harassment.

Should I Be Paid For Coronavirus Time Off Work? | News

Workers who are directed to not come into the office or to work from home because of Coronavirus COVID-19 fears should be paid.  Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan says full-time and part-time staff should not use their accrued sick pay while on Coronavirus leave.  Meanwhile, casual workers who lose shifts or work hours and income because of fears of the virus could be eligible to make a discrimination claim.

Queensland Nurses Banned From Wearing Face Masks! | News

Queensland nurses have been told they are not permitted to wear face masks during the deadly coronavirus outbreak – COVID-19 – because they might scare members of the public.  Members of the Nurses’ Professional Association of Queensland – NPAQ – have been contacting the union to express their concerns – including one pregnant nurse who works at a Gold Coast hospital.

Ian Thorpe Campaigns To ‘Kill The Bill’ | News

Australian Olympic champion Ian Thorpe is taking the campaign to ‘kill” the Religious Discrimination Bill directly to politicians in Parliament House in Canberra.  The proposed law will allow people of faith to discriminate against others without legal consequence, so long as their words or actions are based on “religious belief”.

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