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Racist Hey Hey Humiliation | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Australian entertainment show Hey Hey It’s Saturday has been accused of racism with host Daryl Somers regularly appearing in blackface. Singer and regular guest Kamahl says he was regularly humiliated by racist stunts and comments on the show.

Sacked For Refusing A Flu Shot | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A Queensland childcare worker has been sacked for refusing to have an influenza vaccination. The worker claimed unfair dismissal, however the Fair Work Commission found she failed to follow a reasonable and lawful direction to have the flu shot.

KFC Homophobia | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Video of a KFC drive-thru worker yelling vile homophobic abuse at two gay customers has gone viral.

Bullied & Humiliated Out Of Job By PM | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has delivered scathing testimony to a Senate inquiry, accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of bullying and humiliating her out of her job.

Teacher Sacked For Being Gay | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Teacher Karen Pack says she was sacked by Morling College in Sydney for being a lesbian and announcing plans to marry her same-sex partner.

Volvo’s 24 Week Paid Parental Leave | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – In a world first, the Volvo car company is offering its 40,000 employees worldwide 24 weeks of paid parental leave.

Neighbours On-Set Racism | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Actor Shareena Clanton has described the Neighbours set as a toxic and racist workplace claiming cast members regularly make racist jokes and comments.

Latham’s Nasty War On Trans Kids | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Mark Latham is leading a nasty war against transgender children. The One Nation member has introduced a bill that would ban teachers in New South Wales from telling their students that trans people exist.

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