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Commonwealth Games Security Guards Still Unpaid

Commonwealth Games security guards still unpaid

A number of security guards who worked at the recent Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast still haven’t been paid.

IR Claims says it has received more than a dozen calls from frustrated workers who claimed they are owed amounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from IR Claims says there is no excuse for the wage theft.

“The Games finished weeks ago, yet so many security staff are still waiting to be paid, it’s simply not good enough,” he said.

Commonwealth Games security guards still unpaid

The Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) said it is aware of outstanding payments to some security guards.

However, it claimed it is not responsible for paying them directly.

A spokesperson said:

“GOLDOC is informed that the majority of security staff have been paid their base wage.

“GOLDOC has met all of its financial commitments to the contracted companies with funding provided prior to the commencement of the Games.

“Where individual matters are brought to GOLDOC’s attention, GOLDOC works directly with the contractor to resolve the matter.”

Companies contracted to provide security

The Commonwealth Games Corporation contracted four companies to provide security services, some of which then hired their own sub-contractors.

Just one of those four companies has invoiced GOLDOC for services provided.

“How would the managers of these security companies feel they did not get paid for weeks and weeks on end?” Mr Heffernan asked.

“It’s not fair for these workers to be forced to wait so long, especially after they helped make the Games such a success.

“Sorting out these outstanding payments should be a priority for the companies involved so these workers can get on with their lives.”

The Fair Work Ombudsman has confirmed it is investigating the matter.

The GOLDOC spokesperson said it expects all security guards will be paid as a priority.

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